Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning Service

Taxi and limousine drivers especially, who ferry passengers daily, need their air conditioning to be fully functioning for the comfort of their passengers. For your in-vehicle air conditioning to deliver cool and clean air efficiently and effectively, it needs to be serviced and re-gassed periodically.

The air conditioning service and re-gas can be done separately, though to keep labour charges to a minimum, they probably should be done together – ideally when your car is serviced.

Air Conditioning Decontamination Service

Air quality in a car can be affected by bacteria and fungi growing within the air conditioning system, which gets blown into the cabin space when switched on. The service is especially useful for people sensitive to air pollen. A decontamination service using Forte will:

  • Remove bacteria that can affect your health and driving comfort
  • Deodorise the vehicle interior
  • Eliminate mould and fungi that build up in the air conditioning system
  • Improve the air quality
  • Guaranteed for six months
  • Various fragrances are available including lemon and apple

Re-gassing the Air-Con

When the air conditioning is failing to provide cool air, this is often because it needs the gas in the system refilling.

If you’re going on a long journey and you know you’ll need air conditioning, but haven’t had it serviced for a year or so, it’s worth having it checked.

Cost varies on make and model of car, example prices below:

  • Smaller cars around £60 + vat
  • Larger cars around £80 + vat

Note though that an air conditioning system failure may be due to the condenser having a leak for example – see the Mercedes Vito condenser leak case study.