MOT Testing

MOT Testing

An MOT (named from the days of the Ministry of Transport) is a test of road worthiness, and is an annual legal requirement for vehicles over 3 years old. Nemo Autos is authorised by the Department of Transport and DVSA to perform MOT tests and issue certificates for vehicles that pass.

Nemo Autos are certified as a Green MOT station, showing the highest conformity to MOT standards. We also subscribe to RMI (Retail Motor Industry) for them to perform random annual spot checks on our standards, for which we’ve also scored Green – the highest standard.

The cost for us to perform an MOT test is £50 (no Vat). If a vehicle fails the MOT test, it can be re-tested within the end of 10 working days to gain a pass, which we do not charge extra for.

MOT Checks

The MOT test includes checking the following, and many more so it may be worth you checking what you can yourself before presenting for MOT (ideally have it serviced before the MOT). Please be aware we are unable to remove and refit child seats to check the seat belt. Please remove the seat prior to test if you want the seatbelt checking.

  • Bonnet operation
  • Horn
  • Sharp edges
  • Boot/Tailgate operation
  • Lamps
  • Steering wheel
  • Brake pedal anti-slip
  • Door operation
  • Warning lamps on dashboard
  • Direction indicators
  • Mirrors
  • Brake Fluid
  • Rear reflectors,
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Oil leaks
  • Registration plates
  • Windscreen and glass
  • Fuel filler cap
  • Seat belts
  • Wipers and washers
  • Hazard warning
  • Seats
  • Wheels and tyres

If the retest is not completed within the 10 working day period, a second MOT test will have to be carried out, and the full MOT test fee is charged again. The vehicle can only have one retest per MOT test. If the vehicle fails the MOT retest it is then subject to a full MOT test at the full MOT test fee.

Taxis and Private Hire

As taxi drivers rely on their vehicles to be running continuously, and can’t afford to be failed by the Council at the MOT test, Nemo Autos provide pre-MOT checks to identify any work required. We can do the rectification work ourselves or provide a list of work we recommend is done before the Council MOT test.

MOTs and Car Insurance

Motor insurance requires cars over 3 years old have a valid MOT certificate logged with DVLA. Your car insurance could be invalid if an accident occurs and your vehicle is deemed to have serious defects. MOTs will help spot defects through MOT failures, and advisories where the vehicle may pass but rectification work should be carried out within time period advised. Rectification work can be carried out by Nemo Autos, or elsewhere and we are happy to talk you through your options.

For more information on MOTs, you can see detailed information from the government’s website.