Good Garage Scheme Services

Good Garage Scheme Services

The Car Service – what should you expect?

Good Garage SchemeWhen arranging your car service, it’s important that you establish what the service includes.

Some garages will only change only your oil and filter, but not perform a full engine flush, whilst we will carry out a thorough service. A good garage will follow a service checklist and give you a copy of that completed checklist as a confirmation of a job well done. As a Good Garage Scheme member, Nemo Autos in Hyde carry out your service incorporating the Industry Standard Service Checklist.

Standard Service ChecklistTo see a copy of the Good Garage Scheme service checklist you will receive from us, detailing the checks we perform either an Interim Service or Full Service, please click on the service sheet alongside to see the checklist of items we cover in both car services.

Does your car need a service?

Most cars only need a service once a year, but cars covering more than 10,000 miles per year require a service every six months. Vehicles with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) that don’t have regular long journeys can may also need two engine flushes with oil and filter changes, especially if the oil becomes contaminated with diesel. The manufacturer’s service handbook will set out what is best for your car. The type of service you need can be affected by how you use your car, so do talk to us about your typical driving experience.

Running faults and repairs

Ask to speak to a mechanic or a technician about the problem. Explain the problem in as much detail as you can. If you can, include when the problem occurs, for example only when the engine is cold, or after the vehicle has been left standing.

Do I need to take my car to a main dealer for its service?

European Commission rules on car block exemption came into full effect in October 2003. This new ruling allows independent garages the same access to technical information on your car from the manufacturer, and more importantly, it means you do not need to go back to a franchise dealer to retain warranty cover.

Collecting your car

As proud members of the Good Garage Scheme, we always show you the old replaced parts and check that

  • The bill is for the amount agreed, or is not significantly more than any estimate you were given.
  • The work and parts are fully itemised (this will be proof of purchase, for your warranty, if a problem occurs as a result of a replaced part failing).
  • The service record book has been stamped with the garage stamp.
  • Rather than replacing parts that are fully not worn out, a good garage will advise you when they will probably need replacing, based on the way you use your car.
  • Then leave a review at the Good Garage Scheme website.

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