Trust My Garage scheme

Trust My Garage scheme

Trust My Garage (TGM) is a scheme run by the Independent Garage Association (IGA) and is collection of Britain’s best local garages – every one different and every one dedicated to the highest standards of skill and personal service.

Members of the IGA are true professionals who have to comply with a strict code of practice, and as a customer of Nemo Autos, a Trust My Garage and IGA member, you can rely on using this nationally recognised brand. Our customer and service record is impeccable, but you can be assured that if there’s a problem that can’t be sorted out between us, the IGA takes over and helps to achieve a happy outcome.

Why Choose a Trust My Garage Member?

All TMG members:

  • Use up to date technical information, techniques and tooling
  • Comply with a strict code of conduct
  • Explain things clearly and treat you and your vehicle with respect
  • Work to the highest standards
  • Are backed by Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) and the IGA

Click on this Trust My Garage Code of Practise link to read the full version.

1.1 The Trust My Garage (“TMG”) Code of Practice (“the Code”) is administered by Retail Motor Industry Standards & Certification (RMISC) and sets out the obligations that members of the TMG Code (“Members”) have to their Customers (as defined in Appendix 1).

1.2 The Code was first established in 1976 as the IGA Code of Practice and has been revised and improved over the years to include changes to legislation and best practice for both Members and Customers including the introduction of the Trust My Garage consumer reassurance scheme (TMG).

This Code embodies and enhances principles that have been observed by the majority of the retail motor industry for many years and now codifies them as the TMG Code of Practice

1.3 The Code details TMG Members’ commitments to the Customer in the provision of service, warranty and repair of Vehicles (as defined in Appendix 1) in a number of areas including:

(i) Advertising
(ii) Booking in of Work
(iii) Completion of Work and other pre-service issues
(iv) Invoicing, billing and payment
(v) Competence
(vi) Complaints and compliance

Trust My Garage – Customer Charter